Pool Products and Pool Parties!


Jump in the Pool!

Everyone knows that pool parties are just plain better with beer, but did you know the pool products and particularly the pool water management system you employ to treat your pool guests to the beer banquette can make a huge difference?


Swimming Pool Party


Imagine Your Pool for a Moment…

Think about it for a minute… the hot summer sun beating down, burgers and dogs on the grill, your hand filled with your favorite summer brew, and then your pool smells like a chemical soup?

Or worse yet your pool system is second-rate, and it is inadequate to keep up with heavy pool use and your blue lagoon suddenly turns green for the party, or worse yet looks like the bottom of a freshly finished pint of good chocolate stout!

Who want’s to swim in that? You are going to need a barrel of fine ale to get your guests to dive into that.

Your Favorite Hopped Beverage

Yes, pool parties are better with summertime and your favorite hopped beverages, beautiful Bettie’s, burgers, and buns, but don’t let your pool ruin the affair. Don’t let your pool become a chemical soup or a bowl of poop! How unappetizing would that be?

Pool Party BBQ and Beer

You are going to be wanting to slather on the sunscreen (make sure it’s a good quality safe one here’s a source – Safe Sunscreen Review ) cook up some tasty pool party food ( here’re 15 Recipes to Make for Summer Pool Parties ) and enjoy beautiful, healthy, nonirritating pool water.

Have you ever got out of the pool and had your eyes on fire, or had your skin itch, dry out or become irritated? It’s mainly due to impurities, stabilizers, etc. in the chlorine you are dumping into your pool. Not optimal for your perfect beer related pool activities. There are alternatives including salt water pools that can produce a much better water quality. No irritation, soft feeling, no heavy chlorine smells, faded fabrics, etc.

Ultimate Pool Water Quality

But for the Ultimate Beer Pool Party, we have picked The Chlorine Genie Chlorine Generator. It runs on salt but rather than salting your pool and all your pool guests it makes pure chlorine in a separate brine tank, brewing up the perfect ingredients for your pool and distributing them as needed to keep your pool blue for your summer pool parties.

salt water chlorinator

Simple to use, efficient, and covered by a 5-year warranty it is the ultimate choice for enjoying your beer at your summer pool parties. So fire up the grill, grab a brewski, call all your friends and share the summer bounty together in fresh, clean non-irritating pool water this year.

You can check out some videos about chlorine generators here, and you can see some more about Chlorine Genie Chlorinators here.