The Best of the Best with Maine Beer Week

Adventures with Our Cherished Beverage

For the Love of Beer, we at Maine Beer Week take this moment to acknowledge all things made better with beer. Inspired by our experience with the 2011 Maine Beer Week Festival we wanted to explore the world of things made better with beer. Products, activities, hobbies, sporting events, pool parties, and camp fires, Maine beer week seeks to expose “for the love of beer” all things made better with our favorite beverage.


You know doubt know the simple answers like football, BBQ’s, Fishing, but what about the other and as yet possibly undiscovered opportunities enhanced by our favorite beverage beer.

We are on a quest to uncover, discover, expose and reveal the truth when it comes to products, services, events, businesses, activities, ideas, all made more enjoyable with our favorite brews. Ever thought about how much better a good bratwurst is with the right frosty beverage? Or how the waves on the beach with your guitar in an old blue chair just seem to take on a special magic at sunset with a beer in your hand. Just as Kenny Chesney about it.

So at Maine Beer week in honor of our festive inspiration we seek to share with you the best pairings across the globe for beer. Let’s leave no stone unturned and discover the best places, food, products, services, adventures, activities, etc. that all pair perfectly with our favorite hopped beverages.

No this isn’t intended to be a drunken hillbilly expose about how everything in life goes better with a Coors Light in hand. We plan to keep it more sophisticated than “Here’s Your Sign” on a special episode of Bill Engvall. We’d like to stick with the original spirit of the Maine Beer Week Festival as it was our original inspiration.

So check back with us as we reveal the best pairings for your favorite foaming beverage. You’ll be surprised what we find and what we will discover along the way on this merry adventure quest. So whether you’re a stout man, lager, or ale aficionado you’ll find plenty to tempt your palate at Maine Beer Week. Com. Check back with a beverage in hand as we bring you the best of the best with beer.